About Us

At Pioneer Publishing, our love for books goes beyond the ordinary. Established just two years ago, we have since been dedicated to discovering, acquiring, and finding new homes for one-of-a-kind books that resonate with the hearts and minds of our valued readers.

By The Numbers:

  • Over 8,000 unique books procured.
  • Over 4,000 distinct titles successfully rehomed.
  • A growing family of over 200 followers on our eBay store.
  • A pristine record of 100% positive feedback from satisfied book-lovers.

But Pioneer Publishing isn’t just about sales – it’s about building a community of book enthusiasts. As we journey forward, our commitment to the world of literature will further expand. Soon, our website will host insightful articles designed for both seasoned collectors and new enthusiasts alike. And for those who prefer a more visual experience, our upcoming YouTube channel promises engaging content on the art of book collecting.

Our ethos is simple: Every book has a story waiting to be told and a reader waiting to discover it. At Pioneer Publishing, we ensure that these stories find their rightful place on the shelves of those who cherish them.

Join us as we continue to turn pages, uncover treasures, and share our passion for the world of unique books. Welcome to the Pioneer Publishing family!

Meet the Team

Jose Perez: Founder & CEO of Pioneer Publishing

After an enjoyable career in banking and auditing, including regulatory compliance roles at City National Bank, Jose Perez founded Pioneer Publishing. He holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting, and has earned relevant banking certifications. Beyond his professional achievements, Jose has always been an enthusiastic collector of coins and stamps.

This personal passion for collectibles inspired Pioneer Publishing’s unique focus: curating one-of-a-kind books and offering insightful articles on the intricacies of book collecting. With Jose’s combination of business acumen and a deep love for collecting, Pioneer Publishing is poised to become a leading authority in the book collecting realm.

Denise Perez: Consultant at Pioneer Publishing

Denise Perez brings a rich tapestry of experience to Pioneer Publishing, woven from her expertise in editing, website analytics management, and English instruction. A double Master’s graduate from UCLA in English and Teaching English as a Second Language, Denise also holds a Bachelor’s degree in both French and German, making her linguistically versatile and culturally adept.

Her recent role as Freelance Associate Editor with the Lewes Historical Society sees her contributing significantly to their annual journal, ‘Lewes History.’ Her acumen for editorial detail and story-telling was particularly evident when she penned the lead article for their 2022 anniversary-themed edition. Denise’s foundational experience from PR Newswire as the Director/Manager of Global Reporting and as Editorial Supervisor armed her with a strategic mindset. She directed innovative platforms, streamlined multi-language website analytic platforms, and ensured the delivery of over 50 quality company releases daily, always ahead of tight deadlines.

Additionally, Denise’s time as an English composition instructor at institutions like UCLA, Santa Monica College and Los Angeles Trade Technical College has honed her skills in guiding both native and ESL students in refining their writing and improving their critical thinking.

Joining Pioneer Publishing, Denise’s combined strengths in editorial work, website analytics, and multilingual communication are poised to contribute uniquely to our mission: finding new homes for one-of-a-kind books and creating content that resonates with book collectors worldwide.